Get Glowing Skin without Any Medicines

Here are a few tips to follow in your daily routine that can change your rough skin to glowing skin. Whenever you visit any dermatologist or cosmetologist, they give you medicines & creams for skin treatment. But if you have normal skin issues then here are the tips by one of the Best dermatologists in Jaipur – Dr. Sanjay Mittal.

Just check out all the points carefully as these points are also the major reasons behind any of the skin issues people face.

Change your eating habits by avoiding:

Gram Flour (Besan) – 

Not every time besan is not good. Applying it as a face mask is good for tan removal. But for dry skin, it is dangerous as it makes the skin drier by absorbing skin natural oil.

That’s why it resists taking more water & oil from your body & skin respectively. 

Fried Food – As it contains too much-refined oil that is not good for Health, Skin & Heart as well. Use oil as needed and as minimum as you can. There is no taste in oil it is just for cooking. Change cooking oil frequently, never stick to only one oil. Olive oil is more recommended oil to use but use any of the oil in very little quantity.

Refined Flour (Maida):

Maida is very unhealthy in every way. It’s just taste that attracts you towards refined flour. Otherwise, it disturbs your digestion that causes constipation. Constipation can lead to many skin issues.

Street Food:

Street food doesn’t need any explanation as we all are very well aware of the disadvantages of outside food. No healthy oils, no fresh vegetables & fruits, unhygienic utensils & cookware, Insects & dirt. All these things create infection to the skin and body both. That’s why avoid eating such things.

Spicy Food: 

Chilli Powder is just used to add spice to food, never make it so spicy so that it damages your skin & stomach. 

Stop eating foods that are harmful to your skin and health. The doctor at Mittal Skin Clinic is the best cosmetologist and Hair specialist in Jaipur suggests you many things that can be followed at home can reduce many of your derma problems without any medication.