Hairfall Issues, Causes & Treatments

Hairfall Issues, Causes & Treatments

We all love our hairs and dream of big silky, shiny and black hairs. Hairs can change your looks and style, as they are main part of your lifestyle. We try hard to maintain them without hurting them, style them to add glamour but sometimes we fail to maintain them. Proper care and few changes in our daily routine can help us to maintain and regrow our hairs and stop white hairs to grow. 

Each and every person whether its male or female is concerned about their hairs. so falling hairs brings them stress and Hypertension that instigate hair fall issues. Hairfall and Hair Transplant treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan is now very common and people do not shy to opt such services.

Here we will discuss about various causes due to which hair fall starts or increases.

– Common reasons behind hair fall in anyone includes:

—- Stress

—- Unhealthy Eating Habits

—- Heredity

—- Deficiency or Lack of Protein 

—- Use of wrong & chemical Products

—- Excessive use of Hair styling items

—- Scalp Infection

– Hairfall Reasons in Women are:

—- Thyroid

—- Menopause

—- Pregnancy

—- Birth Control


—- Smoking

In our next article, we will explain all the reasons of hair fall in detail. It is normal when daily hair fall count is up to 100 hairs buy more than that Hairfall becomes a very serious problem. Treat your hairfall problem from the dermatologist in Jaipur at Mittal Skin clinic. Scalp Itching, Dandruff, white hairs are the common hair related problems people face generally. Get the best treatment and on time, Taking your skin and hair issues lightly can make you pay the bigger price. Baldness, roughness and dryness can spoil your hairs and that affects your looks as well.