How to Wash Hairs Correctly / Properly or in Proper Manner..????

Everything we do and apply in our daily lifestyle affects our Skin, Hair & Health. There are many things that should be done properly to avoid any skin infection, hair problem or health issues. Here at Mittal Skin Clinic Blog we will explain you everything in detail. So now we are going to start it from Hairs, as Hairfall, scalp infections, Hair loss etc. are the common issues now a days. 
Starting from Hairs first we should know How to Wash Your Hairs properly in correct manner and for that first nourishing hairs i.e. Hair oiling is must. Which oil is best, how to nourish and when to nourish are the few questions you have in your mind and all these answers are in our another article, click here to move on the Article about How to nourish Hairs properly and which Hair oil should be used.
Now moving towards Hair wash style, below are the few steps explained in detail to wash your hairs correctly.
Steps to wash hairs properly are:-
1. Wet Hairs thoroughly:- Before applying shampoo, firstly wet your hair properly and then use mild shampoo. 
2. Apply chemical free shampoo:- Use chemical free & mild shampoos or medicated shampoos (only suggested by the dermatologist) for best results and to avoid hairfall problems and itchy scalp.
3. Go Easy on Scalp:- Not only hairs your your finger tips and massage shampoo on scalp easily and slowly to wash off the dirt that helps you to avoid dandruff issues.
4. Rinse thoroughly:- Wash hairs thoroughly and wipe out shampoo completely. And if you had more oil than its optional to give a second shampoo round.
5. Apply Conditioner:- After shampooing apply conditioner on scalp and hairs to give smooth touch and to avoid messy hairs.
6. Again Rinse properly:- After applying conditioner rinse your hairs again properly. 
7. Pat Dry:- Dry your hairs with softer towel and let them dry first before using comb. Pat drying keeps your hairs and skin healthy and avoid damage hairs and irritating and allergic skin.
Always keep in mind that weather its your face or hairs or skin, never use hard towels and never be harsh to your skin and scalp. Being hard & harsh will damage your hairs and your skin becomes itchy & irritating.Wash Hairs 2-3 times in a week to avoid dandruff and  hairfall.