Medicated Facial

As we all know about facial and why it is done. Facial is done to get glowing and clear face skin. Everybody has a choice to choose their facial like people use to go salon for different kind of facial according to their skin type. 

Different skin types are:- 

– Oily Skin

– Dry Skin

– Sensitive Skin

– Tanned Skin

But now Medicated facial is trending among youngsters, people are moving towards the best dermatologist in Jaipur for instant glowing skin.

There are many many types of medicated facials and day by day types of facial are getting advanced and upgrading their techniques. Few of the best medicated facial treatments for glowing, clear and acne removal skin are:-

– Dermabrasion

-.Micro Dermabrasion

– Dermafillers

– Laser Resurfacing

– Botox

– Chemical Peels

Each of them have different procedure, painful, painless, fast, slow, instant, long lasting etc. Choose them according to your need and skin type in which the cosmetologist will help you. Meet and contact the best cosmetologist is Rajasthan, Dr. Sanjay Mittal from Mittal Skin Clinic. Check out the social profile for reviews and live procedure done video clips.

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