Platelet Rich Plasma i.e. PRP Skin Therapy is used to rejuvenate face skin for glowing and younger looking skin. In this treatment to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and folds of face skin, your own plasma is used to stimulate the production of collagen and cell migration. The stimulation of collagen production tightens and increasing the thickness of you thin skin.
This treatment lasts of 2 years and gives a natural look to your face.

Benefits of PRP skin therapy treatment:
 • Improves the texture & skin tone
 • Helps to get rid of Wrinkles
 • Used fir Acne Treatment
 • Non- Surgical Process
 • No Allergic Reactions

PRP is an inject able treatment where you own plasma is used and injected over affected areas or area that is to be treated. This therapy is also used for anti-ageing treatment as it removes wrinkles and give the younger looking skin again.

mouth, lips and skin folds on cheeks are common areas where we can see tired skin so to rejuvenate the dull and aged skin by providing your skin collagen and skin starts regenerating the tissues that makes skin healthier and smoother.