Once the summer heat starts knocking at the doors, handling oily skin can be quite challenging. An overproduction of oil causes your skin to look oily and heightens the risk of acne breakouts and sticky skin. However, with proper summer skincare routine and tips, you can maintain a fresh and healthy looking skin throughout the season. Below are some essential summer skincare tips for people with oily skin:

Wash your face regularly: Using a light foaming cleanser will help clear excessive dirt as well as extra oil in your skin. Proper cleansing which is done twice each day – in morning and at bedtime helps people keep their pores free from inside.

Exfoliate weekly: Dead cells are removed through this process while clogged pores are unclogged. To avoid such issues and achieve smoothness of the complexion, use gentle exfoliant once or twice per week.

Avoid oils & Chemicals: Oil-free chemical free products like moisturizers and sunscreens that work on oily skins should be used.

Stay hydrated: Take a lot of water to retain moisture in your skin that also helps to control oil production.

Heavy makeup is not recommended : Heavy makeup blocks your pores resulting into acne breakout. If you want make-up then go for light breathable products only. Let it breathe by removing make-up before bed time.

Protect Your Skin: Sun protection is very important. Atleast 50++ SPF is need in excessive summer heat and in normal summer cases you can also you 30++ SPF sunscreens. Consult the dermatologist and get a chemical free sunscreen and remember you skin needs daily care.